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Postal address:    Orthodox Church

8 Grand Pont

1950 Sion / Switzerland


Priest in charge: Father Dimitri, reachable by email using the form below.

If necessary, call 076 269 54 98 and announce yourself clearly.

Before contacting us, please read the following information:

  • During thelentsandholidays: we do not celebrate other services than those which are officially announced on thetimetable page.

  • The saintCommunionis dispensed to the faithful who have prepared for it through confession, prayer and fasting.

  • Theconfessionstake place on Saturday evening after Vespers or by appointment.

  • Les baptisms et weddings  are celebrated following several meetings with the priest, the first interview being scheduled after a celebrationof Sunday.

  • People who wantlearn about Orthodoxyare welcome.
    They simply come to church for services and/or contact the priest.

  • The accompanimentsick and dying people is a spiritual necessity.

  • For somefuneral, families are asked to first contact the parish that the deceased usually attended.

  • Thepannikhids(offices for the dead) are celebrated on weekdays, by appointment.

  • Theintentions for the living and the deadare commemorated at each Liturgy.

  • Unless there is an agreed office or appointment, the chapel is in principle closed during the week.

  • The Helvetic Orthodox Community, founded in 1991, is the association according to art. 60 CC, declared of public utility by the cantonal authorities.

  • The Community does not enter into financial matters for the benefit of third parties, does not issue any personal certificate, does not grant any guarantee, does not offer any paid work place, does not currently have any social works. or humanitarians.

  • The Community refrains from taking any political position, but being a part of the undivided Church, it does not compromise on questions relating to natural law or divine laws. However, it distinguishes the sinner from the sin, the sin being condemned but the sinner invited to conversion.

  • The Community is not subsidized by any organization, even ecclesial, and only exists on the basis of donations. This relates specifically to the operation of the chapel as all services are entirely voluntary, including that of the clergy.

  • Donations are gratefully received in cash or on account CH31 0900 0000 1900 7836 3, for the attention of the Helvetic Orthodox Community, 1950 Sion.


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